Economic Research

Please find information and links to selected research programs designed to push forward our understanding of the general economy and financial markets.


Centre for Financial Friction, at Copenhagen Business School

Centre for Financial Frictions is a Centre of Excellence established by the Danish National Research Foundation. The Centre is part of the Finance Department at Copenhagen Business School and investigates the impact of financial frictions on the prices of financial assets, on economic development and on the design and regulation of financial markets. Financial frictions occur for instance as a result of the varying ease by which financial assets are traded (their liquidity), the transactions costs, borrowing constraints, credit risk, capital requirements for financial institutions, and asymmetric information among market participants.


Centre for Imperfect Knowledge Economics, at the University of Copenhagen

The center is part of the Institute for New Economic Thinking Program on Imperfect Knowledge Economics. The Center is part of the Economics Department at University of Copenhagen and the aim of the Center is to develop Imperfect Knowledge based economic models that account for the inherent uncertainty of markets and its tendency to generate instability. Such models open up mainstream economic models to allow for the imperfection of knowledge and, hence, for the two-way interdependence between financial markets and the real economy.


Centre for Experimental Economics, at the University of Copenhagen

The Centre for Experimental Economics provides infrastructure for conducting experimental research at the University of Copenhagen and is a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas. Members of the Centre are mainly involved in basic research, and the Centre aims at being the leading institution for research in experimental economics in Scandinavia. The primary focus of the Centre is to investigate the relevance of bounded rationality and social preferences in the economy, society and the state. In addition, the Centre contributes to research and teaching in other branches of experimental economics and to the development of experimental methods and behavioral economic theory.


Centre for Research in Econometric Analysis of Time Series, at the University of AArhus

The Centre for Research in Econometric Analysis of Time Series, is a research unit at School of Business and Social Sciences, hosted by the Department of Economics and Business. The center is funded as a Center of Excellence by the Danish National Research Foundation and it will focus on (i) theoretical time series econometrics with particular emphasis on long memory, persistence, and optimal inference, (ii) empirical modelling of asset returns and volatility, (iii) non-linear time series modelling and (iv) time Series Forecasting.