Call for Contributions/Arbeitskreis Politische Ökonomie: The state of (dis-) harmony in the EU/Euro-Zone – contributions to political economy.

Call for Contributions

The state of (dis-) harmony in the EU/Euro-Zone – contributions to political economy

Book Publisher: Metropolis Verlag, Marburg

The German Association of Political Economy (Arbeitskreis Politische Ökonomie – APÖ) is inviting contributions for the publication of a volume on the current state of the EU/Euro-Zone and corresponding developments from a political-economic perspective.

The volume looks to address questions such as:

Is there evidence of more common social standards and macroeconomic policies between member states or divergence?

Is there evidence that a common market leads to a race to the bottom with respect to European welfare systems?

Is there a necessary conflict between harmonization policies and the income/wealth distribution within and among member states?

Have government budget policies become more synchronized in terms of types of revenue and expenditure?

What is the state of social expenditure in Euro crisis countries?

How about regions: which policies have contributed to socio-economic convergence/divergence among EU/Euro-Zone member states?

Many issues with respect to a more/less harmonized EU/Euro-Zone have received attention, but still appear highly controversial and require further attention.

We welcome contributions from various analytical perspectives including comparative studies, cross-country perspectives, and historical assessments. Innovative and heterodox approaches are appreciated.

We invite contributions from APÖ-members as well as non-APÖ-members.

Articles in English and German are welcome.


Abstract: June 20, 2018

Full Paper: End of September, 2018

Publication: End of 2018

Please send inquiries and abstracts (up to 500 words) to:


Call for contributions-2018-APOE [PDF]

Date posted: May 29, 2018
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