Re-Launch and Re-Activation: Recently, we have decided to revamp this website, and make it active. Our goal will be to cater to students, and provide them with study materials. However, a key difference between this blog, and numerous others, is that we will be focused strongly on REAL WORLD economics, not on meaningless theoretical models. As many “Quotes Critical of Economics” show, even mainstream economists have come to the realization that most of the theory being taught in textbooks is useless in terms of understanding the real world. Our approach is critical of the mainstream neoclassical economics, and maintains a pluralistic approach which welcomes heterodox ideas, and also provides an Islamic orientation. For current posts, see BLOG.

WEA’s Pakistan Chapter will be helpful not only in research related activities, but will also help us in communicating and sharing our views related to different social and economic issues, and can help in formation of policies.

From this website you can also access different useful national as well as international data sources from “SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC INDICATORS” page.

We will also try to inform you about the upcoming events, conferences, workshops either held in Pakistan or anywhere in the world but have some relevance to Pakistan. you can check updates from “Forthcoming Events”.

Under homepage blog we invite your post on different social and economic issues….

In addition to this homepage blog (for which posts are invited), we also welcome your suggestions and ideas to make it more productive and useful.

you can also add to these pages by putting comment under these pages, for example, if you want to publicize any event, conference, workshop, or you want to publicize your recent article or book, you just need to put details in the comment box and insha allah we will add this to the list.