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PM Youth Loan Scheme: Honest Opinion

I have received ” Honest Opinion” about PM Youth Loan Scheme which i am posting here…  your comments are welcome…  The purpose is not to criticize on the policies and standard operating procedures designed by the Federal policy makers,  but I am  here to present some honest observations and suggestions for better improvements regarding the counseling, execution … Continue reading »

Posted January 6, 2014 by Uzma in Blogs

Modern Structure of Knowledge and Criticism of Islamic Banking

By Omar Javaid Islamic banking is growing by leaps and bounds in the world, many sees this as a successful utilization of Islamic principles to solve worldly problems whereas others considers it as a mistake of putting a label of ‘Islamic’ on various things which are prohibited or disliked by Islam. These two groups often … Continue reading »

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Exchange Rate, Debt Burden and Balance of Trade

By: Atiq-ur-Rehman Consider a realistic example; the current total external debt of Pakistan is about US$61 billion. At the exchange rate of 106, this amount is equivalent to PKR 6466 billion. Suppose the value of dollar goes up by one in exchange of Pakistani rupee, the debt would be come PKR 6527 billion with an … Continue reading »

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Remittances in Pakistan; what is happening and what can be done

By: Atiq-ur-Rehman For 2013-14, the total budget of federal government of Pakistan was about 34 billion US$. Out of this budget, about 4.7 billion $ is the share of debt servicing and about 12 billion US$ is the share of provincial governments. Therefore about 17 billion $ is available to the federal government for its … Continue reading »

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Cities and Sustainable Development

Cities Development: A win-win proposition Zahid Asghar[1] 21st is not only a century of cities but also century of dense cities. Cities have played remarkable role in rapid economic development both in developed countries and developing countries like China, India, Vietnam and Brazil. Pakistan can also make its cities as engine of growth by following … Continue reading »

Posted January 1, 2014 by zahidasghar in Blogs, Cities and Sustainability