The Greatest Teacher

There is no doubt that our Prophet Mohammad SAW was the greatest teacher of all time. At the very beginning of Wahy, in the Cave of Hira, Allah T’aala introduced Himself as the one who gives knowledge to man which man did not have. In other words, Allah T’aala introduced Himself as a TEACHER. This knowledge was given to our Prophet SAW, who in turn taught it to the the companions, who carried this educational mission forward. The knowledge that was transmitted changed the course of history (for more details, see What the World Lost Due to the Decline of the Islamic Civilization). It took the Arabs from the bottom ranks of civilization, and made them leaders of the world. It created a civilization which enlightened the world for a thousand years, and made spectacular progress in all fields of human knowledge. The knowledge that was transmitted via this educational process, started by Allah T’aala Himself,  continues to influence the lives of billions living today.
This Ummah was given the responsibility of conveying this final message of God to all of mankind. However, due to colonization, conquest, and mental enslavement, we forgot this mission. Instead of following the revolutionary methods and subjects of education developed by our Prophet, we started to imitate Western methods and subjects – following the Jews and Christians into the holes of the lizards.
My six part talk on “How to become a great teacher” explains that the Final Message of Allah, when transmitted using the methods of the Greatest Teacher in all of human history, still has the same revolutionary power that it did 1450 years ago. It can change our lives, and it can change the lives of our students, and teach them how they can become human beings, the best of the creations of good. As opposed to this, a Western education teaches students how to become human resources, commodities for sale on the labor market. As Muslims, and as educators, we must fulfill our responsibilities to provide USEFUL knowledge beneficial to mankind to our students, and protect them from useless knowledge – which our Prophet sought protection from. Some of the key elements which we need to know, in order to emulate our Prophet SAW, are given in this six part talk linked below:
  1.]: Intro: The Greatest Educator, The knowledge given to man by God, in form of the Quran, and demonstrated in the person of our Prophet Mohammad SAW, changed the course of history. How can we learn to follow in his footsteps?
  2.]: Obstacles to Excellence, Some major misconceptions about teaching, knowledge, and education, which are barriers in the path of our learning to become great teachers. Three major obstacles are discussed. One is the lack of self-confidence – How can I become a great teacher, when I myself was not such a great student? Two is our belief that we are living in a poor country, and our students come from weak backgrouns – they cannot become great scholars. Three is the subject matter of our courses, which is often presented in a way that is incomprehensible – impossible to understand for ourselves and for our students.
  3.]: Our Lives for Sale.: The Western system of education is designed to turn us into human resources, commodities for sale in the labor market. We need to learn the Value of Human Lives, to avoid giving this message to our students. Instead, we must teach them that human beings are the best of the creations, and all the gold in the world is not enough to pay for even a small portion of our lives.
  4.]: Three Mega-Events Which Shape Our Thoughts: Historical Events shape our lives and thoughts in ways that we do not realize, and we are not consciously aware of. These ways of thinking tie us down, and prevent us from realizing our hidden potentials as human beings, the best of the creations of God.
  5. []: Reshaping Lives: Identity and Purpose: A great teacher reshapes lives of students by changing their goals and thereby their identities.
  6. [ Ghazali Project: Revival of Deen: This explains how global conquest and colonization by West created shock-and-awe of Western knowledge among the Muslims. The post explains how we can recover our lost confidence by recognizing the  nature of Western knowledge as being suited to conquest and pursuit of power and wealth. Islam teaches us love, compassion, mercy for all mankind, and pursuit of excellence in conduct. This is knowledge of an entirely different sort, which still has the capability to revolutionize the world, just like it did fourteen centuries ago.
May Allah T’aala bless us all with the Noor of Guidance, open for us the path to the truth and enable us to take it, and enable us to see the darkness, and to avoid it. Ameen

Date posted: October 3, 2019
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