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RG9 Who Should Create Money?

In this post, we will cover the remaining portion of Goodhart Ch2 Case for Free Banking It is worth noting that this chapter is a theoretical preliminary, and not part of the historical analysis which is the main strength of this book.  The Central Question of importance, to which no solution is known currently, is … Continue reading »

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Building a Better Pakistan

My interview/talk on “How Do We Bring Growth Back to the Pakistan Economy?” was recently recorded by Mohammad Siddique of the Better Pakistan Institute. The video is linked below. Very briefly, the message can be summarized as follows. The question of “How we can create growth?” is too ambiguous. Generally speaking, we think the question … Continue reading »

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RG7: Central Banks: Monopoly or Public Service?

This is the 7th Reader’s Guide in a sequence studying Goodhart’s book on the Evolution of Central Banks. For the previous post, see RG6: The Misleading Case for Free Markets. The key question under discussion here is: Do Central Banks provide a service to private commercial banks by supervising and regulating them, or do they use … Continue reading »

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The Case Against Financial De-Regulation

The Reagan-Thatcher revolution started an era of financial de-regulation, in adherence to free market ideology, which continues to this day. This is true despite the hundreds of major and minor financial crises which testify to the inherent instability of the financial system, and the necessity for effective regulation. Regulation and supervision of private commercial banks … Continue reading »

Posted May 1, 2020 by Asad Zaman in Blogs