Social and Economic Indicators

National Data Sources:
1. State Bank of Pakistan
2. Ministry of Finance
4. KSE
5. Population Census Organization Pakistan
6. Planning and Development Department Punjab
7. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics
8. LUMS: CMER (Center for Management and Economic Research) Data on different variables.
9. HIES & PSLM Data Sets
10. Agriculture Statistics
International Data Sources:
1. Integrated Public USe Microdata Series (it contains microeconomic data on different indicators of almost 64 countries including Pakistan, you can freely register and download required data set).
2. Center of International Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania.
3.World Bank Data Global Economic Prospects
4. ED STATS contain data related to EDUCATION
5. List of topics related to Development, you can retrieve data on all these issues from here
6. Living Standard Measurement Survey
7. Central Survey Catalog (International Household Survey Network maintain a central survey catalog, and provide links to national or international databanks.
8. Global Trade Data: Trading Economics
9. UN DATA SOURCES (Include multiple data sets, books, software related to economics)
Currency Research
Find links to latest currency rates, historical data, latest research, blogs here at ONE-Place
Historical Data related to Currency

Miscellaneous Data sets (Oil production, oil prices graphs)