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Macro Models for Policy

BACKGROUND: At the request of Minister Finance Ishaq Dar and Minister Planning Ahsan Iqbal, a conference on “Macro Models for Policy and Planning” was  jointly organized by PIDE and NIBAF, on Oct 22, 2016, with wide participation from several ministries and academic institutions. Video Recordings of the day long seminar, papers presented, and related materials, … Continue reading »

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RG6: The Deceptive Case for Free Markets

This is a sequence of posts which goes through Charles Goodhart’s book on Evolution of Central Banking. The previous post is: RG5 Evolution of Economic Systems Chapter 2 opens with a discussion of the views of Walter Bagehot (pronounce as badge-it), author of Lombard Street, which has received a lot of recent acclaim as masterpiece on … Continue reading »

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RG5 Evolution of Economic Systems

As discussed in previous post (RG4: History, Methodology, & Economic Theory), economic systems have changed and evolved through history. The purpose of this post is to go over, very briefly, how the economic system has changed over time, to arrive at the capitalist economic system that we all live in today. Evolution of Economic Systems … Continue reading »

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RG4: History, Methodology, & Economic Theory

[] This is the 4th Readers Guide to Goodhart’s book on Evolution of Central Banking. See: Reading Course on Central Banking for more details about this online Reading Course. We have completed Chapter 1, and before beginning Chapter 2, I would like to add some notes on the importance of History for Economic Theory – … Continue reading »

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RG3: Goodhart on Central Banks

[] This continues from previous post RG2: Goodhart on Central Banks of our online READING Course on the Evolution of Central Banks by Charles Goodhart. This post (Readers Guide 3) covers  pages 6-11, or the last half of Chapter 1. Writeup is given following the 10m video lecture. Central Banks were not designed for macro and micro management roles. … Continue reading »

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RG2: Goodhart on Central Banks

RG2 (Reading Guide 2) – Continues from previous posts on Reading Course: Central Banking and Readers Guide: Goodhart on Central Banks. Writeup is given following the ten minute video: Goodhart starts by discussing discontent with Central Banking System. He wrote this book well before the GFC 2007 -8, which has created much greater discontent. There are two different … Continue reading »

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Readers Guide: p1-3 of Goodhart on CB

This is the first readers guide RG1 of our online Reading Course: Central Bank History Here are a few questions to ponder while reading the introductory chapter of Goodhart. In addition to the 5 questions, an explanation of some theoretical material which is covered very briefly in the Goodhart book is given after the questions.  … Continue reading »

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Dealing with Educational Poverty: A Nobel Approach

Article by Nadia Hassan, published in Daily Times, Jan 16th, 2020. See Dealing with Educational Poverty Educational poverty is most prevalent among the several diverse forms of poverty. It is the one that originates and amplifies the other issues for the poor, such as lack of opportunities, awareness, discrimination and so on. Therefore, development theory … Continue reading »

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